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iPad as Self Publishing tool for Photographers

January 30, 2010 by Gear, News, Opinion

Scott Bourne over at Photofocus has a thoughtful piece about what the iPad could mean to self publishing photo books.

If Apple opens up the iBook store to self-publishers, all the photographers who think their book should be published will have a chance to go out there and build an audience and sell a book. Imagine the pictures we might see that wouldn’t be profitable for a big book publishing company to publish, but may be very realistically self-published via the iBook store! Or perhaps we’ll find the next Photoshop guru! Just as podcasts democratized radio, the iBook store could democratize publishing. I felt like the Kindle was a very good first step in this direction and at one time thought that it might be a way for photographers to self-publish. But the Kindle looks like it’s in trouble to me now. Apple does things like the iTunes, App and now iBook stores better than anyone else. Millions of people will already be familiar with how to use the iPad when it ships. This could mean that an unknown photographer could sell thousands of iBooks without the need for a publisher and do as well or better financially. It’s very exciting.

I would just add that the publishing capabilities also extend to micro production video distribution.

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