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FreshDV Dress Your Camera for Success Article

February 2, 2010 by News

FreshDV has a nice article about dressing your camera for success.

We’ve all heard the phrase “dress for success.” Well guess what? There are legitimate reasons why this principle also applies to your production kit, and the current crop of compact HD cameras and HDSLRs in particular (and Red Scarlet, soon). This new breed of compact camera systems are tiny in comparison to traditional broadcast and what the public considers to be “professional” gear. In many cases, this small size is an advantage…documentary work sometimes requires a stealthy presence, so this diminutive size is a huge advantage in that field of production. But for people working in other levels of production, bigger is, at times, better for appearances.

I agree with the article. There is a term I have used for my peers who want to build their own homemade version of a light modifier, sound blimp, beauty dish etc.., it is called perceived professionalism. Your clients want you to have pro gear that inspires trust instead of homemade rigs. I would even go so far as to say that a lot of still photographers chose medium format gear for the impression it leaves on their clients as much as for the file size or lens bokeh. It is all part of being perceived as professional and trusted to do your job. Be sure to read the whole article here.

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