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Brilliant idea – Impact: an online exhibition

February 26, 2010 by News

impactexhibition.jpgResolve Blog editor Miki Johnson, my friend and sometimes boss when I’m writing for her, has, along with Yumi Goto, Paul O’Sullivan and Jeremy Wade Shockley, conjured a brilliant idea. Using a web ring hosted by Bravenet, they’ve launched the first iteration of Impact; an online exhibition. By clicking on the Impact logo one is transported to the next photographers blog in the ring that has posted images associated with the theme of the exhibition. That person in turn also has an Impact logo enabling the viewer to continue on to the next stop.

This reminds me a lot of an open studio exhibition that will see a group of galleries in a neighborhood stay open late and have a celebratory evening of cocktails for all comers. I just got off the phone with Miss Johnson and she couldn’t be more thrilled with the response. She’s already looking forward to the next Impact Exhibition. This is one of those seminal experiments in social media that will greatly influence the way we look at the art on the web. As you head into your weekend please raise a glass for the entire Imact team.

Miki Johnson’s post and the start of the exhibition ring can be found here.

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