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Lens adapters for Micro Four Thirds and Canon HDSLRs

March 23, 2010 by Gear, Opinion

If you are looking for a lens adapter to shoot Leica M on a Panasonic GH-1, a Nikon lens on a Canon Camera, or any lens/camera combination you can come up with, Fotodiox seems like the place to go since they have pages and pages of adapters for medium format and 35mm lenses.. I first saw them mentioned in the comments section on Shane Hurlbut’s blog post called Still Lenses That Can Grace The Big Screen.

Cameras have become electronic components like computers and as such will be affected by Moore’s Law with a shorter shelf life as they get faster and cheaper to produce. Lenses on the other hand are analog (mostly), mechanically produced objects from mature designs that haven’t really changed much in the last 50 years. Cinema lenses from the 1950’s are still sought after today along with Nikon glass from the 70’s, Leica, Zeiss and many other brands.

Being able to protect your investment by switching camera platforms with your lenses is paramount in modern photography and cinematography. This roadmap is already laid out in the Micro Four Thirds platform that will accept almost any lens you throw at it, and by Zeiss with their new Compact Prime II series that can easily switch from Canon to PL Mount.

In the past, having to change lenses is what kept most people tied to their existing camera platform. You wouldn’t switch to Canon if you owned a lot of Nikon glass and vice versa. When a new player on the scene like Sony comes along, convincing photographers to change strictly as a stills platform was going to be a hard sell to photographers who already owned Canon or Nikon lenses. Now those same photographers who are starting to shoot video with their DSLRs are realizing the limitations of still lenses for shooting motion and buying cinema lenses from companies like Zeiss. The playing field suddenly levels for Sony if their computer camera has the best features and price.

No matter what camera platform you choose, you can protect and prolong your investment in lenses by using adapters from places like Fotodiox.

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