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RED Killer ? ARRI Alexa Camera: Digital Cinematic Bliss – Arri alexa – Gizmodo

April 7, 2010 by Gear, News

500x_arricamnew.jpg It’s been called a RED Killer by some and it certainly might upset the apple cart but what it really is is a film killer. I won’t go into all the specs here becuse, let’s face it, the guys at Gizmodo have actually held one in their hands while I can only dream… Have a look at their whole article and go to tech heaven (link at end of article).

The big “reveal” at the invitation only DGA event was that it uses the Sony SxS 32 GB memory cards for storage (yes, 2 of them) and that the “memory” module is replaceable as memory technology improves. Oh, and it shoots directly into Apple ProRes 4-4-4 so that the files drop immediately into an editing workflow. Cool!

What I’m most impressed with though is the price. The $60K price tag is not that far above the price that many pro photographers have paid for their Medium Format digital cameras… Certainly a LOT cheaper than buying a film camera. This is going to make a BIG change in how people shoot professional dramatic performances and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it show up as a replacment to the HD vdieo camera being used for sports and other live events…

I may never shoot on an ARRI Alexa camera—after all, it’ll cost around $60,000 this summer—but a man can dream, can’t he?

ARRI, makers of legendary film cameras, has finally unveiled the full specs of their upcoming digital camera, the Alexa. It’s an interesting camera—its Super 35 CMOS Bayer sensor (ARRI’s own) can shoot uncompressed 2K resolutions output to an external source (like a hard drive), or downrezzed to 1080p and stored right on the camera thanks so SxS card support (expensive flash memory). Incidentally, this SxS card support is part of a module that could be removed and swapped out for a different storage technology in the future.

[From ARRI Alexa Camera: Digital Cinematic Bliss – Arri alexa – Gizmodo]

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