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House season finale shot on Canon 5D

April 8, 2010 by Gear, News


If our recent interview with a Canon 7D enthusiast wasn’t enough to spark your interest in filmmaking with DSLRs, perhaps this post will make you look at your 5D in more favorable light.

Greg Yaitanes is the series director for season six of the award-winning TV drama House, which I probably don’t need to tell you stars Englishman Hugh Laurie as curmudgeonly physician Gregory House, healing the sick with sarcasm and withering stares.

Just a few hours ago, Yaitanes let slip on Twitter that the season six finale was shot entirely on a Canon 5D. This is prime-time, high ratings network television. On a 5D.

I would offer to interview the man, but he’s busy. And anyway, Twitter has already done it for me.

Asked which lenses did you use?, the reply was: All Canon zooms and primes. The 70-200 was a go to. That said, other lenses like the 35 and 85 and the 24-70 were useful too.

This was the first time Yaitanes had used a 5D for House, but he’s not sure if it will be the last. Nevertheless, it seems he enjoyed the experience.

The 5D House will be broadcast on May 17th. Expect slightly inflated viewing figures, to take account of all the filmmaking photographers tuning into House for the first time ever, just to see the cinematography.

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