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“The Last 3 Minutes” from Shane Hurlbut ASC

New video from Shane Hurlbut posted on his Hurlbut Visuals blog.

“The Last 3 Minutes” From Shane Hurlbut, ASC from Shane Hurlbut, ASC on Vimeo.

The main character in this short is William Turner, a janitor whose life seems mundane on the surface but as it develops, many interesting layers are revealed. We shot his boring existence in the present day at 24fps utilizing the new Canon 5D firmware.

As William’s life unfolds from present day to the past, we shot with the Canon 5D at 30fps and pulled it in at 24fps to give it a slightly dreamy feel. The creamy Canon ‘L’ series glass delivered the period look that we were hoping to achieve.

Shane goes into a lot of detail on his blog including a photo of the Doggiecam so be sure to read the whole article.

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