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Do you love photography enough to get camera tattoos?

April 20, 2010 by News

20100420-tattoo.jpgThose sharp bloggers who write for used camera reseller KEH have unearthed something great; people who love photography so much, they tattoo themselves with images of cameras.

You need a Polaroid Land Camera on your thigh? You got it. Can’t survive without the phrase “F/8 BE THERE” emblazoned across your chest? No problem. Have to have a Canon AE-1 on your arm? Well, you know.

This is a fun post, because the KEH blogger has gone out of their way to track down the tattooed photographers and ask them why they did it, and who the tattoo artist was.

Now’s your chance to confess, PhotoCine News readers. Which camera, and which body part? Send us a tweet and let us know. We promise we won’t tell a soul.

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