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Sony Announces No Name DSLR-Killer Camcorder

May 12, 2010 by Gear, News

Right on the heels of yesterdays Alpha NEX-5 announcement, Sony drops the prototype bomb that starts to make the new E-mount lens system make a lot more sense.

The new camcorder will be equipped with the same “Exmor” APS HD CMOS sensor to be used in “NEX-5” and “NEX-3.” In addition, the camcorder will be compatible with “E-mount” interchangeable lenses developed for “NEX-5” and “NEX-3”, and also the wealth of “A-mount” interchangeable lenses from the existing “α” DSLR camera lineup via a mount adaptor.

The technology cat is out of the bag and the market is heating up. Pro’s and consumers want video cameras with large sensors and interchangeable lenses that use standard codecs and storage. This is what we have been saying is needed for a while now (while being a relative tech term, where weeks equal years in dog time) in articles like this one from Tom:

If I was Canon (Panasonic, Sony, etc.) and I wanted to make a splash in the cinema world and I wanted to make a lot of money I would throw out the form factor of the still camera and just use the sensor, software, etc. to make a RED-killer. I could solve the heat issues, get rid of the need for non-standard rail systems, allow access to already existing accessories, etc. etc. etc. Adding a RAW workflow would not be that difficult (comparatively speaking) if you throw out the need to shoot stills. You could also get rid of the (let’s face it – outdated) compact flash card and go with something like a 48 GB SSD ExpressCard drive?………………………………….Still cameras with motion capability will become the domain of still photographers who need to shoot both stills and motion while cinematographers are going to get served a delicious helping of the “guts” of these cameras in a form factor that is more familiar to them and optimized for their workflow.

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