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George Lucas joins the DSLR Revolution

May 19, 2010 by Gear, News

Cinematographer Philip Bloom has written a feature for MovieScope magazine, exploring the practicalities of using a low-budget DSLR on big-budget productions.

Proving, perhaps, that the size of the budget is no longer a guarantee of the kind of gear you’re going to see lined up for the shoot.

You can read the opening page or so of the article here. Bloom makes clear that a revolution is underway, saying:

“This affordability is key to this revolution, as that is exactly what it is; a revolution … Of course good lenses are a necessity, as are accessories, which essentially turn the terrible ergonomics of the stills camera body into something totally usable. These do add to the cost, but we are talking under £10,000 for a very capable filmmaking package using 35mm optics and depth of field similar – and in a couple of the cameras even shallower – to what 35mm digital and film cameras can currently offer.”

Then he reveals that, since last December, he has been researching the use of Canon DSLR cameras for the forthcoming LucasFilm production Red Tails.

20100519-bloom.jpgWhat you read here is just a taster, but it does its job well: after reading this, you’ll be wanting to go out and buy a dead-trees copy of MovieScope to read the rest.

If you can’t do that, though, there’s loads more detail about the shoot – including a bunch of photographs – on Bloom’s personal website.

And something else the magazine can’t give you is this great behind-the-scenes video, with lots of silly Bloomisms and close-ups of shiny DSLR kit:

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