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Content is King, Chase Jarvis’ Sponsored Inspirational Shorts

May 27, 2010 by Short Film

Chase Jarvis is an inspirational guy. He inspires a lot of photographers through his blog, as a speaker and by the kind of work he does. He seems to have found the perfect client in Russell Investments who commissioned him to shoot inspirational short films as promotional tools:

Both these 4 minute documentaries are shorts in film series I’ve been commissioned to create for Russell Investments. I’m exploring topics… like Innovation and Change, as seen in these videos, but also ideas around Risk, Planning, and beyond. The rest of the films can be found here. Please check them out. My goal has been to make this series insightful and beautiful. – Chase Jarvis Blog

I can’t really bring myself to calling this advertising or advertorial content. This video series is beautifully shot and directed and is really more of an example for creating sponsored content. Funding projects and making a living is what being a professional is all about but the traditional business models are decaying and creativity is constantly being devalued. As content creators, it is our job to find new ways work and to get paid.

Chase has tapped into a client with a similar vision who is willing to fund these meaningful shorts that will inspire their customers and raise their corporate profile. It’s a win-win for everyone including the viewer who is presented with films that are engaging and meaningful instead of corporate fluff masquerading as real content. Kudos to Chase and Russell Investments.

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