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Vincent Laforet Gear Video

August 30, 2010 by News

Vincent Laforet posted a great video about all the cool toys tools he uses for HDSLR cinematography. This is a really thorough look at what he uses and why he has chosen the specific equipment being featured.

Most of the gear featured here is beyond the reach of the average HDSLR hobbyist but if you are using HDSLR cameras for production work, then this is a good reference from an experienced shooter. From Vincent’s site:

Never lose sight of the fact that while some of the gear listed in the My Gear section is expensive – it’s still a fraction of what the gear one needed to use with larger/heavier cameras just a few years ago (before HDDSLRs existed.)

The video itself has a high production value and feels like a segment from a TV show so check it out and be sure to see Vincent in person at the upcoming PhotoCine Expo where he’ll be giving the Sunday night keynote address.

2010 HDDSLR Gear Video from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

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