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HDSLR Audio In the Field with Gene Martin From The Audio Department at PhotoCine Expo

September 13, 2010 by Events, News

The Audio Department’s Gene Martin will be leading a workshop at PhotoCine Expo entitled “HDSLR Audio in the Field” on September 25th. For those of you not familiar with Gene, he is one of Shane Hurlbut’s go to guys for sound and has guest blogged on Hurlbut Visuals. The Audio Department is the rental and sales company he runs with his brother. They will be exhibiting and selling the latest sound equipment at the Expo including Zoom H4N, headphones, microphones, mixers and other interesting sound gadgets that help raise the bar for HDSLR filmmaking. Get your full day tickets now before they sell out so that you don’t miss this informative seminar from Gene along with the other great speakers and instructors.

HDSLR Audio in the Field:

This workshop will be focused for those who need an introductory to audio recording. As it unfortunately always seems to be overlooked, I hope to show how important good audio is and how easily you can improve the sound on your projects. We will discuss the types of audio equipment needed when filming documentaries, independent films and corporate videos. This will include recording in camera options along with dual system sound. We will review different products and highlight the reasons that one particular product may benefit you over another. Finally, we will examine basic gear setups as well as more advanced options along with different techniques to enable you to capture the best sound possible.

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