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Cinemagraph Motion Images – Not Your 1999 Flashing GIFs

June 26, 2011 by News

While researching Photoshop motion and animation I came across several articles about Cinemagraphs. It seems this couple in NYC, Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg, have coined the term to describe high style artful GIFs.

J&K: There’s a cinematic quality to them in both the way it captures a moment as well as the coming together of still imagery and moving imagery. “Cinemagraph” represents, in a single word, what the images represent visually. Coco Rocha put it well: “More than a photo, but not quite a video.” – Huffington Post

Teaming up with high-fashion names such as Tiffany’s and Christian Louboutin, Jamie and Kevin have created a whole new style of art for digital ads. The images sometimes lean towards the slightly fantastical—the shimmer on a pair of glitter-covered heels or the shadowy flicker of a film – Coolhunting

These motion images are good examples of what can be accomplished by a photographer with a small crew. You can deliver additional motion content to the client without having to resort to hiring a large production staff and truck full of gear just because the client heard that a 5D can shoot video. You can also edit the whole thing in the CS5 Extended animation timeline so there’s no need to become a Final Cut Pro expert just to deliver a small video snippet.

Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg have some really nice examples up on their tumbler site

If you want to learn how to turn your images/video into a Cinemagraph check out Russell Brown’s instructional video:

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