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Your Bokeh is Confusing My Circles

August 29, 2011 by Cinematography, Opinion

Yes I know that focusing is tough when shooting wide open on an HDSLR but enough is enough. Your giving me a Gorram headache! I will go cross eyed if I have to watch another scene where the actor or model moves into focus instead of the focus following them. And lets talk about transitions. Have you ever watched an entire feature film where every scene transition racks out of focus? No, of course not, it would get in the way of the story because the audience would start to become aware of it and annoyed by it.

Your beautiful lens bokeh isn’t so special when it’s crammed down my throat over and over again. I’ve seen clips on Vimeo where 1/3 of the short is out of focus. Come on people, this isn’t a technique, its a flaw so quit doing it and calling it artsy. It’s tiresome and has become an HDSLR cliche! — End of Monday Rant

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