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PCN Interviews Marquese Scott the Star of the Epic PUMPED UP KICKS DUBSTEP Video.

September 28, 2011 by Music Video

Occasionally, very occasionally you watch a video that you know in your soul is the genesis of something epic. Pumped Up Kicks|Dubstep is one of those videos. Coming in at over two and a quarter million views in the last five days, the video is quickly becoming internet iconic. I got a chance to interview Marquese Scott the dancer in the video to learn that becoming an overnight legend has a lot to do with talent, passion and staying up all night until it feels right.

The making of the video started the night before the morning of the shoot. Marquese Scott set out find a playground location for his original concept of the video. After a couple of false starts it looked as if the Scott’s original idea wasn’t going to work out. The locations he initially tried were too dark and after trying them out he said, “I just wasn’t feeling it.”

Scott and his friend spent the entire night looking for other places to shoot. As the day started to break, he remembered a place he used to frequent in Duluth Georgia. At 7:30 AM, before any of the businesses opened, he set up consumer video camera from Panasonic, that he borrowed from his brother, on a tripod and framed his shot. A friend hit the record button on the camera and the play button on the car stereo at the same time. Scott took it from there. In one take.

I asked Scott how long he took to prep for the shoot. He said he didn’t, he just felt the music and went with it.

Marquese Scott has been dancing for seventeen years. Dance is his passion. He loves bringing music and dance to everyone. He feels very strongly in presenting music and dance theatrically so that it can not only be seen, but felt by the audience.

I’ve watched the video a number of times and I’m still in awe that Scott was able to bring a cinematic quality to his piece with out moving the camera. He said he just got a sense of where he was in the scene by looking through the camera and remembering specific landmarks like the bench and where they were in the frame. The sound came from two open car doors and the light came from the sunrise. Simple, clean and highly effective.

When I asked about his choice of song, Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People, he said it was a piece that he loved and he wanted to “share it with the people.”

Scott’s interview with me was arranged through his agent at Xcel Talent Agency with our gratitude for his time. You can also see Scott with his crew, Remote Kontrol, on their YouTube channel.

Many thanks to Jason Kottke who was among the first to have the video on his site.

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