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When Stupidity Kills Exquisite Vision

April 13, 2012 by Hollywood

There was an opportunity to have a life sized starship Enterprise from Star Trek in heart of downtown Las Vegas as a destination attraction. From the mayor of Las Vegas to the head of licensing at Paramount pictures, everyone was in love with idea. Everyone except one Hollywood pantywaist named Stanley Jaffe who didn’t have the stones to take a risk on something great.

The story is truly disheartening because this is one of those projects that defines our country. It really drives up a tree to see how one milquetoast man can destroy such bold vision. Stanley Jaffe’s reason for killing the project was because he was worried that if it failed the stigma would linger and hurt Paramount studios. Ironically with the release of this story of his “safe” decision it’s going to do a helluva lot more damage to his reputation than if he went for it.

To make a long story short, Paramount (Licensing) and the redevelopment committee negotiated a basic deal, subject to the approval of the Studio Chairman. The Mayor of Las Vegas was involved and had also approved the basic deal. So everything came down to a major presentation at Paramount Studios on one weekday afternoon.

The whole story is awesome.

My thanks to PandoDaily.

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