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Crazy Cycling Movies

While drinking coffee and randomly browsing the web today a theme started to appear, crazy cycling films. Not crazy like our resident DTLA street rapscallion we like to call the Bat-Shit-Crazy-Motherfucking-Cyclist who rides around on his mountain bike wearing a Rabbi outfit while doing tricks and yelling voodoo chants or singing Opera (he’s harmless unless you’re a film crew wanting quiet to roll). The crazy that I’m seeing in these films is the adrenaline rush of street cyclists who dart through cities break-less risking their life while pissing off pretty much everyone in a car or on foot. I commute by bike with a 20 mile round trip on city streets from DTLA to my office on Fairfax but I don’t condone or really admire these guys. I ride a single speed bike with breaks, reflectors and (horrors) a helmet. I also think that if you ride a bike designed for a track on the street with no breaks and no reflectors or lights because you think it’s cool, your a bigger fashion victim than Boy George. If you live long enough you will look back on your folly like I do my Adam Ant braided tail or my Flock of Seagulls haircut, although my youthful fashions wouldn’t get me killed (unless I walked into the wrong redneck bar in Texas).

So I don’t condone this kind of cycling but I find it just as interesting as watching free climbers or urban base jumpers. The first film is from Lucas Brunelle who’s been documenting crazy street races all over the world for the last 10 years. Check out his helmet cams which are two camcorders mounted on his helmet facing opposite directions. I bet it’s much easier on his neck now that there are Contour and GoPro cameras available.

I also found a preview for Premium Rush (gotta use the monster truck voice when saying that name) a major Hollywood film that seems to be trying to update the bike messenger genre by blending Quick Silver with Speed. I think this is what’s needed to help move messenger bike fashion to the suburbs so it can die a slow death by no longer being cool. After all if Hollywood is making a movie about something you can be pretty sure the fad is over. Don’t let my cynicism or sarcasm fool you, I will soo see this movie this summer and probably enjoy the ride.

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