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Surfer Girls and Turtles, I Want More from Alana

My thanks to John Sturr @jsturr for the tip on this one. I watched the episode below which has some nice camera work and interesting characters, but overall the video couldn’t quite make up its mind what it wanted to be. Part fashion video, part music video, part documentary all seemingly wrapped up in a pseudo reality show vibe.

Here’s the thing; this is a YouTube distributed show so it can be whatever it wants, but it should seize the opportunity to be more than a copy of a cable TV cliche.

The three surfer girls are in the middle of having the time of their lives traveling around the world and competing. That is compelling as hell on its own and doesn’t need to be cheesed up by trying to adopt a reality TV formula. The girls are inherently sexy without the slow motion midriff shots. I want the video to reveal what it’s like to be a young, ambitious surfer girl. I’m sure there is plenty of real drama in that alone.

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