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Plurality Review

Set in New York City in 2023, Plurality raises surveillance and privacy issues. We are offered a city without soul, overrun with data and information. In an effort to fight crime, authorities can track a citizen’s every move using the Grid, a city-wide system that links one’s social security number, password, debit and credit accounts to that same citizen’s DNA. Locks can be opened without keys, purchases completed without cash. Just a touch of a hand to a screen is necessary for a transaction to transpire.

Visuals enhance the city’s lack of warmth. Shots focus on steel and glass. Blues, whites, greys, and blacks dominate the screen and filters set in cold hues emphasize this stark vision of the future.

The movie leads us through a crime scene. A woman named Alana Winston has been targeted as stealing another woman’s identity, yet between the two women, authorities remain baffled by the question of who is the real thief, as the women’s DNA is virtually identical.

Through a well-edited and thoughtful screenplay, we are given a future where the magnifying glass is a little too close. This is 1984 with a twist; the technology is simply better.

Directed by: Dennis Liu
Written by: Ryan Condal
Produced by: Jonathan Hsu, Dennis Liu
Cinematography by: Jon Chen
Music by: Pakk Hui
Starring: Jeff Nissani, Samantha Strelitz, John Di Domenico

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