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Adobe is Saying You’re Screwed After the 1st if You Use CS4

November 11, 2012 by Gossip, Opinion

Beware ye photographer that hath not forked over your life savings for overpriced iterative updates of Photoshop, you’re about to get the fist from Adobe. And if thou hath decided to heed this ominous financial warning from the great Adobe in San Jose, your odyssey to find your upgrade price will be long and tortuous as you navigate the useless, turgid pages of the Adobe web site.Adobe is an example of what happens when a company has an industry standard product like Photoshop. They care little about the customers that keep them in business. If you’ve ever had to endure the sheer torture of calling Adobe for anything at all then you know that I speak the truth. But even if you manage to find your answers on the internet for your Photoshop problems, Adobe still has ways of seeking you out and pissing in your coffee.

CS4 users got an email last week with a bunch of corporate drivel that essentially says give us upgrade money by the December 31st or give us a lot more money for CS6 after the new year. This is basically the big screw you for being a customer that’s a version behind.

Even if you decide that maybe it is time to give in to Adobe’s extortive tactics and get yourself up to date, the big, bright, yellow button that states “Learn More” merely takes you into the dungeons of Adobe’s web site revealing zero information on how much, or how to upgrade.

Way to be classy Adobe.

The email from Adobe.


This is what happens if you click the enticing “Learn More” button.


This is what happens after you click on a link from the previous page and pray for intelligence.


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