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Inexpensive Fluorescent Ring Light

November 15, 2012 by Cinematography, Gear, Photography

A ring light is good to have around when shooting beauty or fashion videos. I’ve used this 18″ one from Stellar Lighting on a couple of quick video shoots recently and I’m liking the results, especially for the $200 price. I really don’t expect much from such an inexpensive light but after two months of using it in studio and on location it’s proved itself as a capable piece of gear.

This is a great light to have around when you’re shooting stills and want to grab a bit of DSLR video. Just pop the light into the scene and start shooting without having to relight. It comes with two sets of bulbs, 5500K and 3200K. Below is a profile/beauty video I shot with the Stellar Ring Light.

Lauren Beauty from Michael Britt on Vimeo.

You can order this light from the companies 1999 website or from them on Amazon.com but there was negative comment about the power supply blowing out on first use. If you can, I’d get this from a local store so that it’s easier to take it back if you have problems. Samy’s Camera carries it in the Los Angeles area which is where I got it since I work for Samy’s.

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