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Invasión – A Music Video Made With Instagram

Instagram’s taking over. It’s now commonplace to see every moment of our lives documented by its photographs, including one that made Time’s cover, but now Perez, Faust and team have put Instagram in motion. I know this is the first of many similar films.I think it’s a fantastic feat to put one thousand nine hundred and five photographs through the Instagram process using an iPhone and come out with a music video like this one. (Where’s the intern?) The result emanates a nostalgic quality. We yearn for our halcyon days without having lived them. We long to be the boy or the girl with the balloons floating away into the blue, Instagram sky. The narrative of the music video also provokes nostalgia. Messages in bottles, treasure maps, adventures—this is the stuff of children’s dreams.

Every detail of this music video was thought out and mused over. You can tell just in the way the boy and girl peek out from different trees frame-to-frame or her hair blows in the wind or he tosses the covers. It’s also refreshing to see a music video without any booty-shaking. My peers are increasingly veering away from sex-injected bodies and moving into realms yet unexplored. Perez, Faust and team have found a whimsical way to venture down this path. We can all but follow.

The filmmakers matched the tone and the pace of the song to the video. Together the visuals and vocals are perfectly in sync. We forgive them for making a video that is longer than our attention spans because the song, the story, and the ideas blend together seamlessly and we like what we see. The Plastics Revolution must be psyched as well. How rad to be the first band to debut a completely, Instagram-made music video. Looking forward to seeing more.

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