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Google Continues to Develop Snapseed

December 7, 2012 by News, Photography

Back in September Michael reported that Google had acquired Nik software with the assertion that Google has plans for online photo editing. It looks like he might be right.

Google today dropped the price of Snapseed, making the app free to download. Previously, the iOS version of Snapseed cost $4.99. The update also brings new filters, Google+ integration, and a new icon.

Interesting news when you consider that Instagram dropped a key Twitter feature this week.

The upside to all this bitchy posturing between the social networks is the abundance of free apps and avenues to express yourself photographically. The downside; who the hell except teenagers has time to keep up with all this stuff.

Personally, after Facebook/Instagram’s move, I’m keeping my eye on Google and Snapseed.

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