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Casting Lindsay Lohan

January 14, 2013 by Actors, Feature Film

A notorious, volatile, substance abusing, high profile actress. A porn star. An aggressive, twitter obsessed novelist cum screenwriter. A veteran Hollywood director in his sixties desperate for a movie. Combine all of the above with a micro budget of $250,000.00 and a rented Porsche.

What could go wrong?

It is the most fascinating Hollywood read of the winter, expertly penned by Stephen Rodrick. It’s much, much more than another Lohan misadventure. It is a captivating story especially when you follow up the article with watching the different style trailers of The Canyon below.

The director, Paul Schrader, and writer Bret Easton Ellis staked sixty thousand dollars of their own money and then, along with producer Braxton Pope, raised the rest of the money on Kickstarter.

I have funny feeling this is going to make a real splash.

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