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The Indie Film That Was Shot Right Under Mickey Mouse’s Nose

January 22, 2013 by Feature Film, Gossip

Steven Zeitchik at the LA times with an excellent piece about Escape From Tomorrow, a film by Randy Moore shot at the Disney theme parks without Disney knowing about it. Moore and company invented some innovative ways to run the set so they wouldn’t get noticed:

To make the movie, Moore wouldn’t print out script pages or shot sequences for the 25 days he was filming on Disney turf, instead keeping all the info on iPhones. This way, when actors and crew were looking down between takes, passersby just thought they were glancing at their messages.

Zeitchik writes that even though the movie was shot guerrilla style, it doesn’t look like it on the screen.

What’s remarkable about all this is that, in watching the film, one doesn’t get the feeling of a guerrilla filmmaking exercise. There are numerous wide shots, and scenes luxuriating in classic Disney images. It looks as if it was made with the full cooperation of the company, which of course it wasn’t.

For me, the best part of this story is that Moore isn’t thumbing his nose at Disney. He’s got nothing against the company at all. He just wanted to make a film.

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