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They Used Typewriters? And Other Epic Behind the Scenes Snaps from Raiders of the Lost Ark

A few months ago I went to see the iMax version of Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was phenomenal and remains to this day as one of my top ten all time favorite movies. Which is why I was thrilled to find this excellent collection of behind the scenes photos of the making of the movie on Screencrush via Kottke.

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The Wachowskis – Beyond the Matrix

Aleksander Hemon got unprecedented access to the extremely private Wachowskis. His article in the New Yorker about the filmmaking duo and their new film Cloud Atlas is a phenomenal read. I’d recommend getting a coffee and taking the time with this one. The story is fascinating and wonderfully well written by Hemon. … Continue Reading

Pitbull Counters with Class

This week an internet troll ganged up on hip hop artist Pitbull. Which Pitbull took personally. But rather than respond with a ridiculous corporate press release. Or with needless anger and rage, he countered with a lot of class and originality.

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Peter Jackson’s THE HOBBIT Start of Production BHS Video

This is a cool behind the scenes video from Peter Jackson about the Hobbit start of production. It’s really great to see a filmmaker take the time to keep the fans updated and interested. This video was just posted on Peter Jacksons facebook page. Enjoy:

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