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NAB 2013

I didn’t make it to NAB this year but here are some stand out pieces of gear that caught my eye.

Black Magic has done it again with their Pocket Cinema Camera. It’s a super 16 sized sensor in a small point and shoot sized camera that takes micro four thirds lenses. Black Magic is definitely creating disruptive technology and keeping everyone else on their toes. I love that this camera utilizes the non proprietary M43 lens mount which means you can use some of the nicest small lenses on the planet (like the Olympus 45 and 75) as well as being able to adapt most DSLR or cinema lenses. Expect a Redrock Micro cage shortly. … Continue Reading

The iFly Hand Held Camera Crane

November 19, 2012 by Cinematography, Gear

This is an interesting project. A hand held crane for iPhone and GoPro cameras from Steve Worthington. The idea is compelling and if he can sort out how to make the kit break down for travel, he may have something big here.

He’s set an ambitious deadline for his Kickstarter appeal. I hope it gets there, this could be a nice tool for fast and easy crane shots. The Kickstarter video and the prototype walk through are below. Both are worth watching.

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Inexpensive Fluorescent Ring Light

November 15, 2012 by Cinematography, Gear, Photography

A ring light is good to have around when shooting beauty or fashion videos. I’ve used this 18″ one from Stellar Lighting on a couple of quick video shoots recently and I’m liking the results, especially for the $200 price. I really don’t expect much from such an inexpensive light but after two months of using it in studio and on location it’s proved itself as a capable piece of gear.

This is a great light to have around when you’re shooting stills and want to grab a bit of DSLR video. Just pop the light into the scene and start shooting without having to relight. It comes with two sets of bulbs, 5500K and 3200K. Below is a profile/beauty video I shot with the Stellar Ring Light. … Continue Reading

Surfer Girls and Turtles, I Want More from Alana

My thanks to John Sturr @jsturr for the tip on this one. I watched the episode below which has some nice camera work and interesting characters, but overall the video couldn’t quite make up its mind what it wanted to be. Part fashion video, part music video, part documentary all seemingly wrapped up in a pseudo reality show vibe.

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Do You Have Spec Obsessive Disorder

Evan Luzi from The Black & Blue, guesting at Fresh DV:

For cinematographers and directors, skills that enable you to light, to compose, and to translate the ethos of a story into the visual medium of film are far more useful than the ability to dive into the minutiae of sensor size. For producers, your ability to go beyond specs and learn more about the tone of the project, the budget of a project, and the practicality of a camera in the reality of a production is paramount.

I couldn’t agree more.

But Luzi forgets one extraordinarily important by-product of Spec Obsessive Disorder (SOD).

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It’s Much More Than a Retrospective of David Fincher’s Title Sequences

A few months ago we wrote about a great piece from Art of the Title about the opening tile sequence from Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Art of the Title has done a brilliant follow up.

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PCN had a fantastic run for about three and half years. Now it remains as an archive for the internet though the generosity of BlinkBid Software. The industry standard software for bidding, producing, and invoicing photography and motion gigs.

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