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Voigtlander 75mm on Sony Nex 7

May 5, 2013 by Cameras, Gear, News, Reviews

Continuing my search for portrait lenses on the Sony Nex 7, I found a mint condition Voigtlander 75mm f/2.5 LTM on ebay for around $400. This lens is in Leica Thread Mount (LTM) and was designed for rangefinder cameras. I already owned a LTM to Sony Nex adapter so I bought the lens. There are also Leica M mount versions of this lens if you have a M to Nex adapter. I imagine resell value will be a little higher for a more current lens mount like the M over the old screw mount.

Voigtlander has been making lenses for over 250 years. It is now owned by a Japanese company Cosina which has started to reinvigorate the lineup with new lenses aimed not only at rangefinders but the mirrorless segment as well. They recently released an update to the 75mm with a 1.8 aperture but because of the larger glass needed for this design it’s significantly bigger than the older 75 f/2.5 and it sells for around $700. I decided that the weight and price ratio added to the compression of an approximate 110mm (35 full frame equivalent) the older f/2.5 was the better choice for me. … Continue Reading

Hands on With the Sony NEX 6

April 16, 2013 by News

I stood there looking at 10 pounds of camera gear, contemplating what I should take with me on a trail run that I’d never attempted in Joshua Tree National Park. I almost turned and started up the trail with nothing, but at the last second remembered the Sony NEX-6 that Sony sent me. I threw it into a small pack with some water and set off up the trail.

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NAB 2013

I didn’t make it to NAB this year but here are some stand out pieces of gear that caught my eye.

Black Magic has done it again with their Pocket Cinema Camera. It’s a super 16 sized sensor in a small point and shoot sized camera that takes micro four thirds lenses. Black Magic is definitely creating disruptive technology and keeping everyone else on their toes. I love that this camera utilizes the non proprietary M43 lens mount which means you can use some of the nicest small lenses on the planet (like the Olympus 45 and 75) as well as being able to adapt most DSLR or cinema lenses. Expect a Redrock Micro cage shortly. … Continue Reading

Illuminating San Francisco with Music

February 11, 2013 by News

The Lumineers, a band that has quickly made its way to top 40 lists and radio stations across the country was nominated for two Grammys this year. They didn’t get to walk away with any awards last night, though a day after people seem enamored by their performance. For another cool look at the Lumineers, this one with a casual and spontaneous aire, click here. The video was directed by our friend Art Perez and filmed in San Francisco. Ho Hey!

The Lumineers are due to come out with an album and March and make more waves in the music scene. Look out! … Continue Reading

Lizzy Caplan Shows The Truth About Fashion Films

February 7, 2013 by Comedy, News

Here’s a funny snarky look at fashion films. I didn’t realize it was a spoof when I started watching and I groaned about how the opening scene was such a cliche in these kinds of videos. Joke was on me because it was supposed to be a cliche. BTW, quit having models drag their hands across grass, wheat, fur, water or glass. If that’s all you can think of to show motion go back to shooting stills. You can add that to my rant about shooting out of focus transitions in my previous article Your Bokeh is Confusing My Circles or to 12 Steps to Bad Fashion Films. … Continue Reading

Oh Get Over It, It’s Just Some Fabulous Fashion Fun

January 21, 2013 by News, Photography

Last week a few people piled on Vogue magazine for their fashion editorial entitled Storm Troupers.

Katherine Goldstein maligned, “Is this what happens when Anna Wintour feels emotion?”.

Jason Kottke decried, “I guess they were going for inappropriate & provocative but hit inappropriate & idiotic instead?” He continued that if American Vogue wants to something provocative then it should follow the tasteful lead of Italian Vogue and photographer Steven Meisel.

I wonder if he realizes that the same editorial/photographer team also used the BP oil disaster in Louisiana as the inspiration for a fashion spread. The piece is oft criticized as a low point in the history of fashion photography.

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