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JEJ is Back on CNN

January 22, 2013 by Off Topic Yet Fascinating

Jeff Zucker started his new gig at CNN World Wide on a bass note. He brought back the twenty year old audio tag done by James Earl Jones. I don’t know why I find that so cool, but when they got rid of the JEJ’s voice on the news network, I really kind of missed it.

I wonder if the JEJ would do a little something for PhotoCine News. I can hear it now; “This is PCN.”

Don’t look at me so funny, I can dream.

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Martinis, Bond and an Obsessive Grammarian

Two of my favorite obsessions; James Bond and the English language. Geoffrey Pullum tells us why it’s shaken, not stirred rather than shaken but not stirred.

My favorite quote of the piece: “To anyone who finds that linguistic study is a worthless finicking with trifles, I would reply that life consists of little things; the important matter is to see them largely.”

No. Really. New Years Eve Was Great.

At the stroke of midnight on New Years eve I was high atop a San Francisco rooftop drinking champaign and freezing my tits off. The next day my friends asked me if I enjoyed the fireworks display in the south-eastern sky.

Fireworks display?

Over my second cup of coffee and second round of Advil these same friends were kind enough to help me remember that I indeed had a good time the previous night. For those of you who, like me, may be a little fuzzy about your New Years Eve details – In Focus has a spectacular collection of photography of New Years Celebrations Around the World.

Looking for Indiana Jones at the University of Chicago

December 13, 2012 by Off Topic Yet Fascinating

A fabulous story from the admissions department of the University of Chicago. Personally, I hope the mystery is never solved.

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A Breathtaking Way to Feel Small

This extraordinary video of the known universe is based on actual astronomical observations. Take my word for it. Watch this full screen at high definition.

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Why, hello there.

This is PhotoCine News. The definitive blog about the collision between filmmaking and photography. It was started in 2010 by Michael Britt and Lou Lesko the same people who created the PhotoCine Expo.

PCN had a fantastic run for about three and half years. Now it remains as an archive for the internet though the generosity of BlinkBid Software. The industry standard software for bidding, producing, and invoicing photography and motion gigs.

Have a fabulous day.