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JEJ is Back on CNN

January 22, 2013 by Off Topic Yet Fascinating

Jeff Zucker started his new gig at CNN World Wide on a bass note. He brought back the twenty year old audio tag done by James Earl Jones. I don’t know why I find that so cool, but when they got rid of the JEJ’s voice on the news network, I really kind of missed it.

I wonder if the JEJ would do a little something for PhotoCine News. I can hear it now; “This is PCN.”

Don’t look at me so funny, I can dream.

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Martinis, Bond and an Obsessive Grammarian

Two of my favorite obsessions; James Bond and the English language. Geoffrey Pullum tells us why it’s shaken, not stirred rather than shaken but not stirred.

My favorite quote of the piece: “To anyone who finds that linguistic study is a worthless finicking with trifles, I would reply that life consists of little things; the important matter is to see them largely.”

No. Really. New Years Eve Was Great.

At the stroke of midnight on New Years eve I was high atop a San Francisco rooftop drinking champaign and freezing my tits off. The next day my friends asked me if I enjoyed the fireworks display in the south-eastern sky.

Fireworks display?

Over my second cup of coffee and second round of Advil these same friends were kind enough to help me remember that I indeed had a good time the previous night. For those of you who, like me, may be a little fuzzy about your New Years Eve details – In Focus has a spectacular collection of photography of New Years Celebrations Around the World.

Looking for Indiana Jones at the University of Chicago

December 13, 2012 by Off Topic Yet Fascinating

A fabulous story from the admissions department of the University of Chicago. Personally, I hope the mystery is never solved.

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A Breathtaking Way to Feel Small

This extraordinary video of the known universe is based on actual astronomical observations. Take my word for it. Watch this full screen at high definition.

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