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A Great Short: Eric Goes West

January 7, 2013 by Screening Room, Short Film

Ryan Nelson is a designer who works for screenwriter John August. Ryan and his wife Amy produced a short that I just found on the John August blog that, according to August, played at Slamdance last year. It is the epitome of working with you’ve got available to you like a sailboat and a blowup sex doll. Oh, and a Panasonic AF100, a friend who can act well, and a good idea. Directed by Dee Austin Robertson, it’s a fabulous short and well worth nine minutes of your day. Eric Goes West makes it into the PCN Screening Room.

Plurality Review

Set in New York City in 2023, Plurality raises surveillance and privacy issues. We are offered a city without soul, overrun with data and information. In an effort to fight crime, authorities can track a citizen’s every move using the Grid, a city-wide system that links one’s social security number, password, debit and credit accounts to that same citizen’s DNA. Locks can be opened without keys, purchases completed without cash. Just a touch of a hand to a screen is necessary for a transaction to transpire.

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Crazy Cycling Movies

While drinking coffee and randomly browsing the web today a theme started to appear, crazy cycling films. Not crazy like our resident DTLA street rapscallion we like to call the Bat-Shit-Crazy-Motherfucking-Cyclist who rides around on his mountain bike wearing a Rabbi outfit while doing tricks and yelling voodoo chants or singing Opera (he’s harmless unless you’re a film crew wanting quiet to roll). The crazy that I’m seeing in these films is the adrenaline rush of street cyclists who dart through cities break-less risking their life while pissing off pretty much everyone in a car or on foot. I commute by bike with a 20 mile round trip on city streets from DTLA to my office on Fairfax but I don’t condone or really admire these guys. I ride a single speed bike with breaks, reflectors and (horrors) a helmet. I also think that if you ride a bike designed for a track on the street with no breaks and no reflectors or lights because you think it’s cool, your a bigger fashion victim than Boy George. If you live long enough you will look back on your folly like I do my Adam Ant braided tail or my Flock of Seagulls haircut, although my youthful fashions wouldn’t get me killed (unless I walked into the wrong redneck bar in Texas). … Continue Reading

An Exquisite Fashion Video – Solace shot by Bankoff

May 29, 2012 by Art, Short Film

I spent most of my life in the fashion industry which makes me an incorrigible snob about fashion imagery. Amberlie Bankoff has done an exquisite job as the Director of Photography on Solace. Fastidiously shot, Solace is wonderfully compelling. Its dark narrative sets the perfect stage for Miss Bankoff’s flawless work.

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The Incident on Marmont Ave

May 24, 2012 by Short Film

The Incident on Marmont Ave is a short directed by Barry Andersson and written by Janie L Geyen that was shot on a 5D Mark III. Mitch Aunger of Planet 5D fame was one of the producers on the film. He writes about the short:

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An Interview with Shawn Reeder – Yosemite Range of a Light

May 11, 2012 by Documentary, Short Film

Yosemite Range of a Light is a triumph of a time lapse film from photographer Shawn Reeder. I called Shawn to get some of the behind the scenes details of his awesome film.

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This is PhotoCine News. The definitive blog about the collision between filmmaking and photography. It was started in 2010 by Michael Britt and Lou Lesko the same people who created the PhotoCine Expo.

PCN had a fantastic run for about three and half years. Now it remains as an archive for the internet though the generosity of BlinkBid Software. The industry standard software for bidding, producing, and invoicing photography and motion gigs.

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