Michael Britt

Michael Britt is a photographer, videographer, writer, blogger, speaker, and educator. He has worked in and around the photography industry for his entire adult life. A ten year stretch of that time was spent as a set photographer for film and television shows. He was an early adopter of digital photography which led to consulting, and ultimately owning digital capture company.

As a writer he has a published a book on DSLR filmmaking, and he was called to write the first Adobe Lightroom guide. Michael has been a regular speaker at prestigious photography events in both the United States and Australia.

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Lou Lesko

Lou Lesko is a writer who started as a photographer, who founded a company called Blinkbid, which is business software for creative people. He likes vast bodies of water, good coffee, and gin martinis.

A few other career highlights that didn’t result in prison time include; commercials directing, two published books, an editor stint at National Geographic Assignment, and a Lowell Thomas award for photojournalism.

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A brief History of PhotoCiné News

In 2010 Michael Britt and Lou Lesko started the PhotoCine News blog and created the PhotoCine Expo, the first definitive resources for DSLR filmmakers.

In 2013 they went on hiatus after one of them threw a tantrum at a party for the Royal Family in London because the venue didn't allow cowboy boots. Now that the legal bills have been paid, they're back with more attitude and irreverence.

What's This Fabulous Newsletter Cost

Published twice a month, PhotoCiné News isn't your run of the mill newsletter. We eschew product announcements and news rehashes in favor intelligent analysis of what's happening in the visual arts.

PhotoCine News is free for as long as we can talk advertisers like Blinkbid into sponsoring it. That's where you come in. If you like what we do, spread the word. The more subscribers, the greater the resources, and the more in-depth we can get with our content.

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