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Pictures from the Front Line of Israel – Hamas Conflict

November 19, 2012 by News, Photography

The pictures from The Atlantic are breathtaking in quality and sobering in narrative. Earlier today the BBC said that there was a chance of a diplomatic solution. Let’s all hope so.

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The iFly Hand Held Camera Crane

November 19, 2012 by Cinematography, Gear

This is an interesting project. A hand held crane for iPhone and GoPro cameras from Steve Worthington. The idea is compelling and if he can sort out how to make the kit break down for travel, he may have something big here.

He’s set an ambitious deadline for his Kickstarter appeal. I hope it gets there, this could be a nice tool for fast and easy crane shots. The Kickstarter video and the prototype walk through are below. Both are worth watching.

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Are We All Destined to Consume Corporate Media?

November 17, 2012 by Journalism

The concept of selling out to the “corporate man” to produce good journalism really wretches my stomach. But reading Tom Foremski’s piece “Is the future of serious journalism in the hands of corporate media?” got me thinking.

I asked Mr Sproule, why does Nissan want to get into the business of serious news journalism? Why not sponsor an existing news show?

His answer was surprising. “I don’t have the confidence that traditional news organizations will be able to survive the transition to the new business models. Why should I invest large amounts of money over the next few years in a failing enterprise?”

I know that there is way more to this conversation, but Mr. Foremski’s piece presents some compelling points to consider.


For as long as I can remember my older brother influenced my film education. He taught me which actors and directors to watch, which to avoid, how to appreciate a clean, simple shot. My brother also taught me to love Bond. Under his tutelage, I watched the films and like a good pupil, I read the Bond books. And now I find myself with the daunting task of reviewing Skyfall. But before I continue writing, and before you continue reading, I should say: Go see it. It’s Bond at its best, but better. … Continue Reading

Invasión – A Music Video Made With Instagram

Instagram’s taking over. It’s now commonplace to see every moment of our lives documented by its photographs, including one that made Time’s cover, but now Perez, Faust and team have put Instagram in motion. I know this is the first of many similar films. … Continue Reading

Inexpensive Fluorescent Ring Light

November 15, 2012 by Cinematography, Gear, Photography

A ring light is good to have around when shooting beauty or fashion videos. I’ve used this 18″ one from Stellar Lighting on a couple of quick video shoots recently and I’m liking the results, especially for the $200 price. I really don’t expect much from such an inexpensive light but after two months of using it in studio and on location it’s proved itself as a capable piece of gear.

This is a great light to have around when you’re shooting stills and want to grab a bit of DSLR video. Just pop the light into the scene and start shooting without having to relight. It comes with two sets of bulbs, 5500K and 3200K. Below is a profile/beauty video I shot with the Stellar Ring Light. … Continue Reading

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