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How to use the EOS Movie Plugin-E1 Final Cut Pro with the Canon Rebel T2i 550D | The Bui Brothers Blog

March 21, 2010 by News

If you are a Canon Rebel T2i user and are bummed about your inability to use the new Final Cut Pro plug-in from Canon – be bummed no longer. Our friend Lan Bui has it all worked out for you!4340725759_2177532e07.jpg

A few days ago Canon released the EOS Movie Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro. It is very exciting for all of us using the Canon DSLRs and Final Cut Pro. We (Vu and I) mostly use the Canon 5D mark II and Canon 7D for our videos… both cameras are supported natively in the new E1 plugin. Unfortunatley the new Canon T2i is not supported in the E1 plugin yet.

This is very upsetting because the video quality from this T2i is actually very good!!! I had a chance to play with Rodney Charters’ T2i a few weeks ago and talk to him about it… basically the T2i is a 7D in a plastic body.

So, for all of you that want to use the T2i in Final Cut Pro and want to use the E1 plugin for FCP… watch the video above to see how to get it to work. I basically follow this method (by Nathan Beaman) on finalcutuser.com) I found on a post on Planet5D.

[From How to Canon T2i 550D with EOS Movie Plugin-E1 Final Cut Pro | The Bui Brothers Blog]

Canon Digital Learning Center – Introducing EOS Movie Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro

March 5, 2010 by News, Tips And Tricks

I know, I know – this is an old announcement but I randomly discovered this page on the Canon USA web-site with a lot more information about what, exactly, the plug-in is going to do.

I’m only going to put the first couple of paragraphs of the post here – read the whole thing on the Canon web site – but there are a few key features that I’d like to point out:


  • -Time Code is added to the clips
  • Automatic transcoding from Canon’s H.264 to ProRes (various flavors)
  • Up to 3X Faster transcoding than Compressor
  • Ability to transcode only portions of a clip
  • DMG archiving or memory cards
  • Compatible with: 1D-Mk IV, 5D Mk II and 7D (Rebel support coming soon)

There is a full workflow example on the Canon page
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Canon Officially Announces the Rebel T2i

February 9, 2010 by Gear, News

At $900 SRP with a lens this is an interesting camera in almost everyone’s price range. Although it is not a full frame sensor (like the 5D) it still has a sensor that is larger than traditional 35mm film prints. So, while the depth of field of video shot with this camera will not be as shallow at scenes shot with a 5D it can still achieve the “film look” as long as you are using lenses with apertures of 2 or less.20100208_loRes_t2i_front.jpg

We also see the variable frame rate selection via a menu item on this camera that should make a lot of people happy (though I am still confused as to why – and that’s a snide comment, not a call for an “education” ;->). Here is the info from the product page

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